Pumping & Installation

For health and practical reasons, proper septic tank drainage and maintenance is imperative.

W/W Pumping Service in Wenatchee, Washington, offers septic tank pumping, installation, and maintenance. Our septic services include installing risers for ease of pumping and also handling drain field failures, repairs to your system, and new system installations.

Septic Tank Pumping

Be sure your septic system is clean and clear. Most tanks should be pumped every two to three years, depending on the level of usage. This regular pumping keeps the system operating properly.

We will open the tank and insert a hose from the truck into the bottom of your tank. Within about 30 minutes, your tank will be emptied.

Have an emergency septic problem? Call us weekends or late at night!

Pressure Systems

We work with pressure systems and suggest yearly maintenance. Gravity systems can go up to three years for maintenance. We can also install bio filters on an outlet.